Writing update

Hey there, fam!

Today I wanted to update on what’s going on with me, writing wise. I thought about this the other day when chatting with a friend on Wattpad.. she said, “If you ever post anything, I’ll be sure to read it!” And I was like.. oh. My username is AuthorJoNarayan. And I’ve not posted anything.

Yikes, that’s embarrassing.

Yeah, I’m writing. But where’s the proof? Outside of checking my computer and notebooks., you wouldn’t know. That’s my bad. I got into a bit of a funk there, if you’ve read any of my recent posts you’ll have heard about it. But Thursday I broke through my block and I wrote over a thousand words on the short story I’m working on. Friday, I wrote even more. Now I’m revved up and ready to go!

I feel like I’ve been dragging my feet a bit because I’m not as passionate about the characters in this story… it’s a sort of prequel/back story to my novel, but it is all about one of the supporting characters. And honestly, I don’t know a lot about him. He’s kind of flat. Which is part of why I’m writing this (the other part is to tell people about my world and to hone my craft).

Let me set the scene for you:

In my novel, the main character Dana gets caught up in a secret society called The Order of the Hunt. The second in command (Will) is a psychic and his powers are.. impressive. But he fades into the background because he’s quiet and is more subtle in his use of power. I love writing about Dana, so I have zero issues working on that story.

Now in this short story, I’m exploring how Will discovered and developed his powers. Then, how he himself was inducted into the Order and the dangerous problems which arose from that. There are new and more dangerous demons in this story, along with a lot of information about the Order itself that I hadn’t ever bothered to develop. It just.. wasn’t relevant to my main novel.

This matters because..?

Developing all this will help to make the world so much more rich and real. I know this, which is why I’m pushing through. Now that I’ve got the fire again, I plan on getting this short story finished before too long. Of course, it’s just the first draft. I have no idea how many times I will revise it before presenting to others.. but I really want to get something out there. So I’m dedicating extra time and energy to make this happen.

I saw a post on instagram yesterday that said “You’re a writer. Fucking act like it.” That spoke to me and helped to keep me in gear.
Does anyone else have inspiring quotes that help them keep on track? Share below!

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