6 Things that Inspire me to Write

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Hey there, friends. To celebrate my recent writing resurrection, I thought I’d share 6 things that inspire me to write. These are all types of entertainment or pieces of media, but those titles sounded really clunky so… ‘Things’.

In no particular order….

Welcome To Night Vale – a podcast by Night Vale Presents

This podcast, guys. THIS PODCAST. No matter what kind of mood I’m in when I start listening to it, by the end I’m feeling happy and creative. This sci-fi comedy looks at so many things in our world with such a unique perspective that it helps me to do the same. It takes my conceptions, puts them in a jar, and shakes them around until everything looks a little different.. and usually, a bit more menacing. It’s a great creepy podcast with wonderful characters and moral lessons and even love stories and human interest pieces. Seriously, check it out wherever you listen to podcasts. I like Podbay.fm myself.

“Perforated Heart” by Eric Bogosian

This book is about an author who finds himself reading his old journals from the late 70’s while recuperating from heart surgery. We as readers are immersed in his experiences of New York in the 1970’s with flashes back to his older and more jaded self. There is so much self discovery and observation in this book that I find it very inspiring. And of course, the topics that he covers as an author himself. I might do a proper review on it at some point, but for now just take my recommendation and put it on your TBR!

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” by Seth Grahame-Smith

Mostly, I’m talking about the intro on this one. If you haven’t read this book I really recommend it. The book itself is fantastic, but the intro sets the stage so beautifully. It explains the author’s situation, it shows the passion for writing and the way the story took hold of him and what it did to his life. Sometimes, I’ll just read the intro to this book. It only takes a few minutes. But in that time, I’ll be reminded of the pressing need to put pen to paper, fingers to keys, to get a story out there.

Reading about obsession can make one obsessed.

Do you believe that?

I do.

The Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke

Mostly the second one, but they’re all fantastic. What inspires me is both the focus on the world and the element of fiction writing. I love the way the writing literally comes to life in these stories–and the problems they cause for the unwitting authors.

The Sims

Say what you will, but playing the Sims.. well, making the Sims and their homes, is a creative act. You’re essentially developing a character in a visual medium. You can choose their personality traits and craft their physical appearance, choose various outfits, and design their homes. Plus, the music is very soothing and makes me feel creative.

The Lord of the Rings soundtrack

I mean, have you heard it?

Seriously. check this out if you need something epic and beautiful to listen to.

What sort of things inspire you?

Drop it in the comments! I’m always looking for more media to inspire me!

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