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Hey there, I’m Jo Narayan (Nuh-RAY-un if you’re interested in trying it, but I won’t be upset if you mess it up). It’s great to meet you.

Insta didn’t have a demon filter, so this may be deceiving….

After I take another sip of my fav Chai latte with soy, I’ll tell you a bit about my background.

Mmm. Okay. Ready to go!

My love of storytelling started young–I remember creating stories on a computer game called Storybook Weaver at the age of 8. By the time I turned 12, all of my stories had an element of fantasy to them. In high school I channeled my teenage angst into poems about my feelings and stories about witches and demons.

Today I consider myself strictly a Dark Fantasy Author. My works fall under paranormal and speculative fiction headings, with a heavy lean toward the occult. You can usually find me writing on my Dell Inspiron gaming laptop (which I don’t even game on).

As it says in my Instagram bio: Demons and magic are my thing. I absolutely love dark fantasy and all things in the occult/new age category. You’ll see posts about these topics, along with book reviews, writing updates, and the occasional freebie, in my blog.

The only thing I love more than playing video games with my daughter is writing and talking about fantasy–I’d love to chat with you about these topics any time! This frazzled corporate lackey by day and writer by night will rock your socks off when it comes to fantasy books.

If you’re interested in walking on the Darker Side (it’s true, there are cookies), you’ll love my content. If there’s anything you’d like to see or chat about, hit me up—reply to any of my posts or message me directly: Jo@JoNarayan.com

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’m a huge bookworm and seriously introverted, like probably every other writer ever.
  • I eat a vegan diet and have since March 2013. My whole household is plant-based!
  • I have a gaming laptop because I miss the days when I used to play World of Warcraft and the Sims all day. For the Horde! These days if I do play games, it’s on the Switch or on my 3DS. Animal Crossing is my jam, but I’m a pretty huge fan of Rayman and the Lego games, too.
  • I’m married to a genuine Aussie–and yes, he IS amazing thank you very much.
  • My fandom creds are as follows: Slytherin, Amity, MCU, Pokemon master, and Animorph.

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Official Bio

Jo Narayan grew up in East Tennessee, in the southeast United States. She was a storyteller and avid reader from a young age, and always dreamed of being an author.

After completing college and finding a ‘real job’, she finally decided to pursue her dream of authorship. She gained 10+ years of writing experience before publishing her debut novel.

Jo is a gamer at heart, enjoying titles as varied as World of Warcraft, The Sims, Animal Crossing, and Tetris. Her favorite book series are Harry Potter, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Hunger Games, Animorphs, and the Dark Hunter series. She is a proud Slytherin and is obsessed with the colors green and purple, the existence of unicorns, and her rabbit Sprinkles.,

Jo’s debut novel The Wraith’s Bargain was released July 28, 2020.

Official “short” bio

Jo Narayan is a Tennessee native who gained 10+ years of writing experience before releasing her debut novel, The Wraith’s Bargain. She enjoys gaming, reading, and searching for unicorns in her spare time.