How it feels to be a published author…

Good morning, Fam. It’s 6 AM on a Saturday and I’m sitting here with my waffles and chai latte and realized, I haven’t really updated you all in a while.

So let’s talk about what’s been going on recently.

Yesterday was the 1 month book-iversary for The Wraith’s Bargain. And how does it feel?

Honestly? Not that different. Strange as it may seem. I mean, I feel immensely proud of myself, and I’ve already been working on my next project. That will be announced, soon. 🙂

There are little things, though. I’ve had some family and friends give their feedback on the book, someone my husband works with bought a paper copy and asked me to sign it, and said they really enjoyed it. That’s a good feeling. My husband surprised my for my birthday earlier this month with a mounted canvas print of my book cover. Now it’s hanging in the dining room, where I do most of my writing, so I can see it each day.

What is different is this sense of myself that I have. I’m an author. I can really say that now, and not feel as if I’m playing at something bigger than I can handle. I have a published novel, two in the works, and another concretely planned. I have ideas for books and series after I finish with The Wraith books. In short, things are good!

I’m nowhere near achieving the dream of quitting my corporate job and writing full time. Mortgages and insurance and important things. But still, baby steps.

One thing I would love to ask of you all, if you’ve read The Wraith’s Bargain, please leave a review on your favorite review site. I love to hear what people think of the story and I read every one! Reviews really help authors out more than you may realize. It helps other readers to decide whether this is a book they would enjoy.

Here are some quick links: Amazon | Goodreads

Okay now that I’ve done that shameless plug, it’s time to get ready for work. Duty calls! See you all next time. ❤


Program review: Everything Authorship

Hey, folks. Today I decided to do something a little different and review the group coaching program I used for launching The Wraith’s Bargain. It was hosted by Pagan of Paperback Kingdom. There’s a lot of hype around her program Everything Authorship – and a big investment. But is it really worth it?

Is Everything Authorship worth it?

As a debut author who had been relying on mostly free resources up until diving into this program, let me tell you what I experienced:

A Group Environment

Having other authors who were going through the same exact thing I was at the same exact time was really helpful. We bounced ideas off of each other, swapped features and worked together on our launches, and even helped each other with our blurbs and whatnot! This was great because some of us were in waaayyy different time zones.. for instance I’m in the United States while Pagan is in Australia. Some of the time I had questions, she would be asleep. I could post in the group and the others would help me to brainstorm until it was morning down under and she could help.  She was incredibly involved with all of us. I really enjoyed that we were launching books alongside her—she would share what she was doing that week or month and we could literally just copy it and adapt to our own books. Talk about useful.

Excellent Resources

I was blown away by all the resources we were given for this program! We got access to her program Storyseller Academy, not to mention social media Trello boards, marketing templates, manuscript templates, and courses. The courses were on tons of things like how to do Facebook Ads, upload our books to different platforms, get books into libraries, do press releases, and plan our launches.

Plus, any questions or advice we had would be resolved in our group calls or through private messenger conversations!

Pagan herself was an excellent resource. I could message her any time and she would answer as soon as possible with detailed information, links, or advice. She even helped me through a ton of tech problems I was having with my email list and my book formatting. This chick formatted my book for print for me and did a really freaking awesome job! It looks so fancy that I’m tempted to pay her to format the rest in the series so they look just as great!

Keeping it real: Drawbacks

I gotta be honest with you all and share the potential down points of the program as I experienced it. Note that it was the first round of the program and Pagan asked for our feedback at the end. She made adjustments and has actually already revised Everything Authorship based on our suggestions. I was really happy to be able to help make the program better for future members!

One thing I struggled with was that my book really wasn’t ready to be published when I started the program. A few of us were still writing or hadn’t gotten beta readers yet – that has been remedied as future rounds of the program make sure you’re actually ready to publish, first! Despite that we managed to get it in shape in time for launch. 

Another thing I and one other person had issue with was accountability. I don’t know about the other author but for me that was a personal failing. Pagan was a great cheerleader and resource and kept giving us homework assignments and to-do lists… but in the end, it is up to you whether your launch succeeds or fails. As of writing this article my launch hasn’t happened yet—I’ll be releasing my book into the world in two weeks’ time. But I know that I get exactly the amount of work I put into it, out of it. Pagan did come up with an awesome resource for self-accountability and shared it with us after our feedback—a self-grading worksheet to help you judge your progress, see lists of priorities, and score yourself so you always know where you’re at. I’ll definitely be using that for my next launch.

Okay- Now for the Cost Analysis

What’s included:

·         Access to Storyseller Academy ($697)

·         3 months of group coaching from Pagan herself ($1,500 value)

·         3 private coaching calls ($1,050)

·         Private Voxer (voice chat) access ($1,050)

·         Editing and cover design ($2,000)

This all adds up to over six grand…

And yet the whole program is just under two!

For me, this was really what sold me. To have someone to guide me along the way, unlimited support, friends to network with and help each other out on social media and whatnot, and having access to all these resources?

Fam, the editing alone. I price checked and it would have been $1800 just for my developmental edits. And I got a gorgeous cover ($225 value) along with it??

I mean, look at this! Thanks to Mandi Lynn at Stone Ridge Books!

Yeah – it’s a big chunk of change. But it’s money you would have been spending anyway if you want to do this thing right. She’s got payment plans, or you can save up for a bit and then invest in yourself. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

Anyway, long story short – is Everything Authorship worth it?

Hell to the YES.

Got specific questions? Hit me up. I’m not afraid to be honest!

This was originally a guest post at Paperback Kingdom.


The Winds of Change

Good morning, fam.

The leaves have finally begun to turn and fall here, and it’s starting to feel like my favorite season. We’re in a cold snap right now but it won’t last forever.

A lot of people think of Spring as the best time for change and growth, but I’ve always favored Autumn. Everything old dies and falls away and you’re left with the bare bones of a structure. This is essential for new growth. You can use the winter, when most things are hibernating, to rebuild. To experiment and get messy. To be authentic.

And when Spring comes again, you’re ahead of the game.

And so it is that I hope to be. Almost everyone around me is competing in NaNoWriMo, and I’m working on my own projects. I’ll be revealing the title and cover for the second novella soon, and I’m halfway through the first draft on the third novella.

For those of you who missed it, I’m working on a mini series of novellas that lead up to my upcoming novel. The collection is called ‘The Order of the Hunt’ and it helps to introduce you to the world and characters. The first one is available to read for free on Wattpad now: The First Stone. The second and third will be available to read for free for a limited time, so be sure to follow me so you’re updated when they come out! Links will be posted here, on Wattpad (obviously), Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

I’m going to look in to rebuilding my website while continuing to post content at least every two weeks, and maybe even finally doing that email list. I’ve got lots of ideas.. now we’ll just have to see how great I am at implementing them. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you all.

Till next time!


Exploring the term Occult

Good morning, everyone! I’ve had my chai latte and am fully awake now, so I’d like to talk a little bit about an interest of mine. I’d love to hear your takes on the topic down in the comments!

When people hear the word ‘occult’ there’s a certain image that most conjure: candles and altars, secret societies, witches and demons and malicious things. There’s a lot to be said for that case, as it’s what is portrayed to us in the media and is, in part, what that word can define. I thought there must be more to it than that, so I did a little research.

Let’s define it.

According to Wikipedia, the word occult refers to knowledge of the hidden or paranormal in direct opposition to facts and science. (I’m a huge fan of science, but it doesn’t capture my imagination in quite the same way as magic!) Throughout history the term has been used to refer to several things including: esoteric and arcane teachings, ‘occult sciences’ (astrology, alchemy, natural magic), spiritualism, new age, and the paranormal. In writing, often anything that doesn’t fit into the categories of ‘religion’ or ‘science’ ends up being labelled as occult.

What does that mean for me, a writer who is super interested in the occult? Honestly, I love the image most come up with–the candles, witches, demons, and the works. I’m fascinated by magic. I’ve been writing stories since I was 8, and every single story since I was 12 had some type of magic in it. I’m fairly certain that trend will continue, because I can’t get enough of it. Even most of the books I read are like that–although I love a good Dystopian or Victorian novel as well. Let’s face it. Without magic and fantasy in my life, I would be struggs to func.

Wait, there’s more to it than that.

You’re right. Another aspect of the occult is secret societies. Most people scoff or wave it off as a conspiracy theory that there could be secret societies in the modern digital age, but they exist. I personally know people who have been involved with secret societies in one form or another.. and not all those experiences are beneficial. I have one friend who refuses to speak of the atrocities they endured outside of therapy sessions. I also know others who had a more positive experience.

I don’t normally share this information, but I actually knew people who were involved in a group when I was younger. They had beliefs about the existence of demons, angels, and magic. They insisted on secrecy. They believed themselves separate and better than normal people. In short, they were a cult. A not-so-serious one, but they still had all the makings of one. This group, called The Circle, actually inspired the Order of the Hunt that appears in my upcoming novel The Wraith. (Pssst… Order of the Hunt was the working title for the novel!)

Moving on….

What is considered occult has changed over time, including a definition proposed in the 90’s that had to do with people’s disenchantment with a secular world. While I can sort of agree with that definition, I know that it’s an ever changing term that won’t really be able to be pinned down. And it shouldn’t be. The nature of the occult is shifting and ethereal. It’s mystic energy, foggy nights, full moons, and tarot cards. It’s Wiccans lighting candles in the woods at night, setting out crystals, praying to the goddess. It’s the spiritual feeling college students experience after a long night of partying or studying. It’s the unseen forces of good and evil, of demons and angels and werewolves and other unexplained creatures.

In short, it’s everything not measured by science. It’s where we live.