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Jo Narayan grew up in East Tennessee, in the southeast United States. She was a storyteller and avid reader from a young age, and always dreamed of being an author.

After completing college and finding a ‘real job’, she finally decided to pursue her dream of authorship. She gained 10+ years of writing experience before publishing her debut novel.

Jo is a gamer at heart, enjoying titles as varied as World of Warcraft, The Sims, Animal Crossing, and Tetris. Her favorite book series are Harry Potter, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Hunger Games, Animorphs, and the Dark Hunter series. She is a proud Slytherin and is obsessed with the colors green and purple, the existence of unicorns, and her rabbit Sprinkles.,

Jo’s debut novel The Wraith’s Bargain will be released June 28, 2020.

Shorter bio

Jo Narayan is a Tennessee native who gained 10+ years of writing experience before releasing her debut novel, The Wraith’s Bargain. She enjoys gaming, reading, and searching for unicorns in her spare time.

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