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The Basics of Paranormal Fiction – a class from the 2020 Paperback Summit

How to write paranormal fiction that stands out from the crowd

How many times have you thought you had a great idea for a paranormal story, but didn’t know where to start? Or worse, you have a plot or character in mind but you’re afraid of it seeming cheesy or overdone?

After all, who wants another Twilight or Vampire Diaries rip-off?

When I first started writing paranormal, I had these same fears. I didn’t want my stories to seem like fanfiction with different names. I wanted something unique, recognizable as belonging in the genre, but different enough to stand out from the crowd.

In the ten plus years it took to go from idea to published book, my debut novel underwent a ton of revisions for just this reason. It took me so many years and so many drafts because I didn’t have the framework to create a unique story idea or characters that had the correct mix of traits. I developed these tools along the way and they helped me to make my own space in the fictionverse–one that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

What if you had the chance to get all that knowledge–without spending years and years figuring it out for yourself? It took me a ton of failed stories and lots and lots of reading to get where I am today, and I want to pass this knowledge along and help other authors get a head start.

There’s just one catch. I’m really tired of seeing high school werewolf soulmate stories… so please, please don’t use this to write one of those.

(I’m kidding. Write whatever the hell you want!)

The best shortcut is to learn from an expert, someone who’s already gotten a ton of experience and made a ton of mistakes along the way… and learned to correct them.

One of the key things I teach in this workshop: that framework I mentioned above to make unique story ideas and believable, yet still paranormal, characters.

Back in the Spring of 2020, I was invited to host a class in a virtual summit, and it’s still available for purchase through the link below. But before you go clicking it, this is what’s in store for you.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Defining paranormal fiction
  • My take on why paranormal is one of the best genres
  • How to get started
  • Tips on creating paranormal characters
  • Things to Research
  • About genre norms and defining traits
  • Plotting advice for paranormal stories
  • Worldbuilding
  • Generating unique story ideas
  • Useful resources

This information is enough for any budding author with an interest in paranormal stories to get started on their next novel.

The class is a single video in which I teach the above topics, and there are slides so that you can read along or take notes as needed. Those who caught it live loved the information–especially the unique story idea generating technique I share close to the end!

While the course was part of the Summit which was a limited time thing, you can still access it to watch and keep forever–the price is set at only $59 USD.

Your next story idea is just around the corner. Why make it wait for it’s debut into the world?

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