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Cover Reveal! The Consequence

Hey Fam! How’s everything going? I’ve been a little quiet lately working behind the scenes. Here’s what I’ve accomplished in the last two weeks:

  • Almost finished formatting The Wraith’s Bargain for print
  • Commissioned and received a piece of art as a gift for those who pre-order
  • Sent off the last of the info to the cover artist so that can be completed
  • Began researching local author events for my area
  • Completed the third novella in the Order of the Hunt collection

So without further ado I give you the next free novella!

The Consequence

Some people know when things are too good to be true.

Annie was not one of those people, until now.

After joining an Order of demon hunters, things started going downhill fast. First, Will was attacked. Then Kat was kidnapped. Now things are starting to calm down, but Annie can’t help but to watch for the next pitfall. So when her brother begins spoiling for a fight, Annie takes things into her own hands.

It was a simple spell, with major consequences.

Now Annie has to face what she’s done to her friends and find a way out of the new mess they’re in–and fast. Before her brother pays for her mistakeā€¦ with his life.

Posting schedule: One chapter posted each Wednesday and Sunday beginning 2/19/20.

Here’s a link to the title page, though the first chapter won’t be posted for a few days. Follow me on Wattpad to get email updates or notifications when chapters are posted!

Friendly reminder: if you enjoy my writing, press the below button to have the first three chapters of The Wraith’s Bargain emailed to you free!

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Now Available! The Strategist

Hey Fam. The day is finally here!!

The Strategist is now available to read for free on Wattpad (limited time!)

Posting schedule will be one chapter each Sunday and Wednesday, to be completed by the end of the month. I’m so excited for you all to check this out!

Between expectations of family and school, Kat only wanted a chance to make her own life. So when she was inducted into the secret society of demon hunters, she thought she had it made. Until the day a message arrived: the next big enemy was coming. And soon.
The last message preceded a battle that left half of their group in the hospital. Only barely healed, the four of them are far from being battle ready.
Now the demon hunters are working feverishly to master their skills in time to face this unexpected threat. But Kat still can’t channel magic. And one demon in particular has its eye on her.

I’d love to hear any feedback you all have. Follow me on Wattpad to be automatically notified of new chapters!

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The First Stone- available on Wattpad!

Hey, fam. I’ve published my first story on Wattpad and I’d really appreciate you checking it out! It’s called The First Stone .

We aren’t alone in this world. It’s a lesson that Will learned the hard way on the night of his twelfth birthday. He and his best friend Jeremy were attacked by a demon only hours after discovering they had supernatural powers. This night was the first of many they dedicated to learning to control their powers and defeat that which goes bump in the night.

Fast forward eight years and they’ve learned all the tricks of the trade–or so they thought. A late night chance encounter with a demon hunter introduces them to an entire secret society and a wealth of knowledge. The only problem is that now Will has become a walking target for a species of demon that has a taste for his psychic energy.

Now the clock is ticking as Will and Jeremy race to seal the demons out of their world once and for all. Can they do it before Will becomes a demon’s dinner?

I’m really excited to bring this world to you all.. I’ve been working on this world and magic style for years and I feel like I know it inside and out.. but then I look at my unpublished novel and I know that people need more information. So I’m working on a collection of short story/novellas to make available, for free, so that people can get to know the world of my characters.

Will Murphy is the first character we get to know. The next story will focus on Kat Flores, and then probably Annie Harris. The last story (probably) will be Jeremy Harris. He’s the leader of their little group and that one will need a lot of build up.

Any feedback at all you can give me on The First Stone would be super appreciated. You can comment on Wattpad, or here, or hit me up on social media anywhere. I can’t wait to hear what you all think! šŸ–¤


The four coolest paranormal creatures, according to me

Hey, fam. It’s July already. You know what that means?
Yep! 3 months until Halloween. Yes.
If you’re like me, you probably obsess over this spooky holiday. It’s definitely my favorite by far, and has been since it surpassed Christmas sometime in middle school. I’ve already started trying to decide what my family will be dressing up as, what about you?


Thinking about all that made me think about my favorite paranormal creatures. You know, the creatures of the night that are generally the antagonists in either really scary or really sexy stories. What’s up with that dichotomy?


It’s hard to choose a favorite, but if I did it would probably be vampires. They are what we’re exposed to the most in popular media. These fanged former humans sustain themselves by drinking blood. Depending on the mythology you’re sourcing it on, they may or may not have some of the following traits: sensitive to sunlight, allergic to garlic, unable to cross running water, sleeps in coffins or grave dirt, weakness to fire, weakness or repelled by Christian crosses, ability to hypnotize victims, ability to turn into a bat or other animal, telepathic abilities, and doesn’t age. I’m sure I’ve missed some, but that’s the list of the most popular traits I’ve come across.
Vampires are the subject of a whole genre of romance stories, which highlights people’s obsession with eternal youth and beauty. There’s also something to be said for the strangely sensual thrill people have at the idea of being pursued, and therefore desired, by something mysterious and powerful.


Werewolves are the subject of a simillar vein of love stories as vampires, but they have a bit of a different feel to them. While the vampire stories are often sold as being more elegant and high class, werewolves are seen as being baser, more instinctual creatures. These are typically portrayed as humans who change into wolves or wolf-like creatures by the light of the full moon. In some tales, they have full command of themselves as wolves. Others, they do not.

I’ve got to admit mixed feelings for werewolves. I’m going to blame the movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) because, let’s face it. WTF was with that werewolf scene? I was scarred when I saw this as a teenager. And a little turned on. And that really made me question a lot of things. After that I saw Ginger Snaps (2000) and… well.. you get the picture. Werewolves are interesting but honestly terrifying for me. Except the Twilight werewolves. Those Quileute can come over to chill any time.


I’ve always wanted to write a mermaid story, but I’m torn on which type to do. Beautiful, human-like ones like Ariel? Green, scaly, terrifying creatures like the original Little Mermaid story? Something similar to manatees, because that’s what they’d evolve into under ocean conditions? Or would I merge them with Sirens, with their hauntingly beautiful songs?

I tried to write a mermaid story, once. It had a love triangle, other worlds, time travel, and a magical desk. It was loosely inspired by an AFI song called Miss Murder. Needless to say, it was way too convoluted and never got off the ground. I think I got 6,000 words into it before calling it quits. (That’s why you plan out your stories, kids!)


Who doesn’t love zombie movies? No one, that’s who. Everyone likes some kind of zombie. Slow shambling ones, undead monsters that will beat you in a race and then eat your face, zombies that can think, zombies that convert others, zombies that climb out of the ground, zombies that are just puppets controlled by an evil master. There are all types. People love the show The Walking Dead as it combines zombies, a post-apocalyptic world, survivalism, and of course meaningful storylines and connections between people. It’s a great show (and comic).

What are your favorites?

Of the people I’ve asked, overwhelmingly I hear that vampires are the favorite. Anyone have others they love? Ones I didn’t cover here? Let me know in the comments!


Exploring the term Occult

Good morning, everyone! I’ve had my chai latte and am fully awake now, so I’d like to talk a little bit about an interest of mine. I’d love to hear your takes on the topic down in the comments!

When people hear the word ‘occult’ there’s a certain image that most conjure: candles and altars, secret societies, witches and demons and malicious things. There’s a lot to be said for that case, as it’s what is portrayed to us in the media and is, in part, what that word can define. I thought there must be more to it than that, so I did a little research.

Let’s define it.

According to Wikipedia, the word occult refers to knowledge of the hidden or paranormal in direct opposition to facts and science. (I’m a huge fan of science, but it doesn’t capture my imagination in quite the same way as magic!) Throughout history the term has been used to refer to several things including: esoteric and arcane teachings, ‘occult sciences’ (astrology, alchemy, natural magic), spiritualism, new age, and the paranormal. In writing, often anything that doesn’t fit into the categories of ‘religion’ or ‘science’ ends up being labelled as occult.

What does that mean for me, a writer who is super interested in the occult? Honestly, I love the image most come up with–the candles, witches, demons, and the works. I’m fascinated by magic. I’ve been writing stories since I was 8, and every single story since I was 12 had some type of magic in it. I’m fairly certain that trend will continue, because I can’t get enough of it. Even most of the books I read are like that–although I love a good Dystopian or Victorian novel as well. Let’s face it. Without magic and fantasy in my life, I would be struggs to func.

Wait, there’s more to it than that.

You’re right. Another aspect of the occult is secret societies. Most people scoff or wave it off as a conspiracy theory that there could be secret societies in the modern digital age, but they exist. I personally know people who have been involved with secret societies in one form or another.. and not all those experiences are beneficial. I have one friend who refuses to speak of the atrocities they endured outside of therapy sessions. I also know others who had a more positive experience.

I don’t normally share this information, but I actually knew people who were involved in a group when I was younger. They had beliefs about the existence of demons, angels, and magic. They insisted on secrecy. They believed themselves separate and better than normal people. In short, they were a cult. A not-so-serious one, but they still had all the makings of one. This group, called The Circle, actually inspired the Order of the Hunt that appears in my upcoming novel The Wraith. (Pssst… Order of the Hunt was the working title for the novel!)

Moving on….

What is considered occult has changed over time, including a definition proposed in the 90’s that had to do with people’s disenchantment with a secular world. While I can sort of agree with that definition, I know that it’s an ever changing term that won’t really be able to be pinned down. And it shouldn’t be. The nature of the occult is shifting and ethereal. It’s mystic energy, foggy nights, full moons, and tarot cards. It’s Wiccans lighting candles in the woods at night, setting out crystals, praying to the goddess. It’s the spiritual feeling college students experience after a long night of partying or studying. It’s the unseen forces of good and evil, of demons and angels and werewolves and other unexplained creatures.

In short, it’s everything not measured by science. It’s where we live.